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About Rain

About Rain

It’s grey outside
and the rain begins to fall.

It’s grey outside
and the rain begins to fall.
I can hear the droplets stream
onto my windowpane,

then the thunder cracks
and the wind howls.

It comforts me

when the sky cries out like this,
when the thunder shouts,
when the wind flails around
almost aimlessly…

I’m reminded of a simple truth:
even nature gets sad sometimes,
gets mad sometimes.

And somehow that reminds me
that even me,
a small and inconsequential part
of the universe,
is still part of the universe

and is allowed to get sad sometimes, get mad sometimes.

A poem written in July 2018, by Amy Codrington.

Image by Ryan, @rioyan on Unsplash.

My thoughts in 2022:

This poem has been through many seasons with me.

The beauty of this poem to me is that it has held space for all my seasons. It has nurtured my seedlings as I’ve grown over the past few years. It has stormed and given me the power to face my own rage. It has washed away heartbreak and swept in with new love, new life, new hope.

This poem, at one point, was an admission of my own rage, of my disappointed tears. It has held space for the things I could not quite verbalise but that angered me to my core.

Injustice, inequality, violence, oppression. These are themes that have been prevalent in my life, whether directly affecting me, or because I have been engaging in discourse and learning more each day. And I still come back to this poem.

The rain has always held space for my rage. My determination to seek justice can be a storm, terrifying and electrifying to behold.

And just like rain, I can be light and soft and gentle and beautiful.

I can blossom after the rain. In fact, the season I am in now comes after a long period of rain. Sometimes floods. And now, the rain is lifting and spring is here. The flowers will bloom and my heart will smile.

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