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2020 and those silly resolutions!

2020 and those silly resolutions!

I’ve been wanting to get into film photography for a while now. I’ve always loved the romanticism of it. Not being able to see the image right away, but knowing in that moment that it’s something worth capturing. It’s almost nostalgic for a time and place I wish I could’ve seen. What a better time to start than the new year?

Despite the fact that my boyfriend thinks it’s an expensive hobby, he was the one to buy me my first camera. And this gift, to my romantic idealistic self, is worth every penny. (And, inevitably, every mistake).

Pietermaritzberg in the afternoon. Circa December 2019. By Amy Codrington

I’m one of the world’s most indecisive people. Is there a Guinness World Record for indecisiveness? Because I think I’d have a good shot at winning… I fooled my boyfriend on our first date by choosing a restaurant immediately, and he’s been confused ever since at my lack of decision making skills. Even as 2020 has rolled around and resolutions to be more decisive, in every day things, were made, I cannot claim to have gotten very far. All this to say that I could not decide on a film camera for about six months. It took me far too long to decide on the type, and the size and the lenses… I mean… so many things to consider. Too many.

Coy, but happy. By Matt Masson.

Eventually it ended up being my Christmas present (thanks to my lovely Matt) and I’ve been playing around with it ever since. A little Minolta rangefinder. It’s quite literally perfect.

My lovely Matt. By Amy Codrington.

I got a rangefinder – which is slightly more technical than a point and shoot. There are aperture settings you have to play around with. And so my first roll was not perfect. Most of it is out of focus and the composition is a little bit off. But the main point is, I did it! 

I shot my first roll of film. I’m learning a new skill, developing my creativity and pushing myself to capture beautiful, ordinary, mundane moments and make them special. And my romantic idealistic heart loves that. 

2020 doesn’t have to be filled with big changes. Small changes as to how you choose to live will all add up and one day you’ll look back at your life in astonishment at how far you’ve come. I want to make one small change this year. I want to savour the little moments. The mundane and the ordinary can become so much more, if you find joy in small things.

Hannah and Matt playing pool. Slightly blurry, very lovely. By Amy Codrington.
Coffee and journaling at Glenwood Bakery, Durban. Delicious coffee. Wholesome. By Amy Codrington.

I want to enjoy waking up in my room, with my candles and my lovely hanging plants. I want to enjoy a good cup of coffee and an engaging conversation with a friend. I want to marvel at the beauty of nature, and be grateful that I get to enjoy all of these little things. I want to enjoy my weeks, not longing for the weekend. I want to write in my journal and paint and create art. I want to write poems and sing songs and read stories and go on adventures. And I’m excited to take my new camera along and document all of these little things.

Out of focus by beautiful. By Amy Codrington.

I challenge you to find the beauty and joy in your little moments. And to write them down, take photos, draw pictures – hold onto those memories.

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