Trigger warning: Sexual violence

We are at war. We’ve been at war. We are victims of a nationwide epidemic; a femicide like no other. We are victims and survivors. But, we are not all survivors. 

How many women, LGBTQ+ and gender non-conforming persons have to die before our country gets the message? Before our government protects us? Before men stop raping us?  It’s already been too many… There are survivors who are struggling to even breathe, because their rapists still walk free.

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Game of Thrones: Female Empowerment and Intersectional Feminism?

As the highest grossing show in television history, Game of Thrones certainly has standards to live up to. The new season is taking the world by fire (and blood) and the number of people, globally, who are avidly awaiting the outcome of the final episodes, is in the millions. Why then, with such a wide-reaching, international audience, is Game of Thrones so white?

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