An Anti-Racist Reading List from a Recovering Racist

black lives matter

In the light of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the protests that have taken place in recent weeks after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, there has been a renewed energy in the fight against racism. But why now? After all this time?

It is unfortunate that it has taken this long, and this much violence and police brutality, for the white people to wake up and get the idea… For so long there’s been this pervading argument (from white people) saying that they’re not racist, that they have black friends, and that they don’t discriminate against black people, and oh but it’s been so many years since slavery was ended, since the end of apartheid… Why are we still going on about this?

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2020 and those silly resolutions!

I’ve been wanting to get into film photography for a while now. I’ve always loved the romanticism of it. Not being able to see the image right away, but knowing in that moment that it’s something worth capturing. It’s almost nostalgic for a time and place I wish I could’ve seen. What a better time to start than the new year?

Despite the fact that my boyfriend thinks it’s an expensive hobby, he was the one to buy me my first camera. And this gift, to my romantic idealistic self, is worth every penny. (And, inevitably, every mistake).

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Amy Hopkins: Inspiring Women Through Health and Fitness

In the last four years, Amy Hopkins has revolutionised how Women’s Health functions as a magazine and media outlet, and as a brand in general. Amy Codrington sat down with Hopkins to discuss her passion for connecting with people, which has been evident in all the work she has done, both personally and as the Women’s Health Managing Editor. 

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Sexual Diversity in Islam: Implications of Islamic Law

Islamic law, or sharia, is binding in countries where Islam is the majority religion, but in South Africa, as a minority religion the law plays a different role. However, in terms of queer studies and LGBTQ+ Muslims in South Africa, the law still holds weight.

Dr. Nadeem Mahomed, a post-doctoral scholar at UCT, addresses students and faculty members about an academic paper he has been working on that looks at the legal implications of same-sex relationships in Islam. His presentation questioned the critiques around sexual diversity within the Islamic tradition, at a global scale, as well as the “representation of the law as an individualistic enterprise disconnected from past precedent”.

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Trigger warning: Sexual violence

We are at war. We’ve been at war. We are victims of a nationwide epidemic; a femicide like no other. We are victims and survivors. But, we are not all survivors. 

How many women, LGBTQ+ and gender non-conforming persons have to die before our country gets the message? Before our government protects us? Before men stop raping us?  It’s already been too many… There are survivors who are struggling to even breathe, because their rapists still walk free.

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Game of Thrones: Female Empowerment and Intersectional Feminism?

As the highest grossing show in television history, Game of Thrones certainly has standards to live up to. The new season is taking the world by fire (and blood) and the number of people, globally, who are avidly awaiting the outcome of the final episodes, is in the millions. Why then, with such a wide-reaching, international audience, is Game of Thrones so white?

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My Dreams for South Africa: 2019 Elections

The South African elections are coming up very soon (as in this week Wednesday, May 8th!) and for many young people in our country this is a very momentous occasion! As it should be. It will be the first time many people, including myself, are able to vote! In free and fair elections! To exercise our democratic rights! Something so many of our grandparents, parents and relatives fought for, through our country’s tumultuous and divided history… And yet, it’s plagued with disillusionment and disappointment for so many of us.

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