Musings & Meditations

Writer. Artist. Dreamer. Poet.



Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the world. I’m Amy, and you’ve just stumbled upon my musings and meditations.

The thought of describing myself is entirely overwhelming, because I am not just one thing. I never have been. I’ve always been too much, too loud, too all over the show to be packaged up easily. I am notoriously difficult to pin down. It’s hard to box myself in to just a few descriptive words, when I view myself as a vast multitude of dreams, infinite moments, places, thoughts, songs, poems and people – an abundant collection of memories and experiences, love and heartbreak, thoughts, theories, commentary and stories.

I am many things, and this brief introduction is just the start. I am a writer, artist, producer and entrepreneur with a passion for storytelling. I’m an advocate for social and racial justice, equity and I am dedicated to the expressions of these things though writing, poetry, artistry and advocacy.

My educational background is in Film & Media Production and Gender Studies. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Gender Studies, with distinction, from the University of Cape Town. I am now pursuing my BA Honours in Interdisciplinary Arts and Culture Studies, at the University of Witwatersrand, melding together all my multidisciplinary artistic endeavours. I also work as a freelance creative strategist and copywriter, and have for a number of years now. I have done work for social media and branding clients. And I have worked with a marketing agency on copywriting for their clients.

Hopefully this little blog, this collection of my thoughts and musings, will come to show who I am and what I stand for. This blog functions both as an online documentation of some of my work. But it is in many ways a collative platform through which I can share my dreams, thoughts and ideas.


My pronouns are she/they.

Artist. Writer. Producer. Adventurer.

Lover of beautiful things.


Yours with love, Amy.