Ever had a dream? A dream that seemed so real you couldn’t seem to reconcile its falsity upon waking? Me too. All the time. 

That is what this blog is about. This is what I’m about. Taking my dreams, your dreams, our dreams and bringing them to life. I suppose this might be met with a slight irony because while a ‘requiem’ is a celebration, in musical or cinematic terms, it’s actually a celebration for the peace of souls who are dead or in the process of dying: much like Aronofsky’s process of creating Requiem for a Dream, which examines how our dreams can so easily become epic tragedies. 

However, epic tragedy is not the goal here. That would be pretty sad.

Instead I’m gonna go with the ironic twist on the ‘requiem’. I don’t want to celebrate dreams that have died. In fact, I don’t want to let them even die. I want to bring them to life! (Ooof we love a cliché…)

I, myself, am a vast multitude of different dreams, infinite moments, places, foods, thoughts, songs, poems and people – an abundant collection of memories and experiences, love and heartbreak, thoughts, theories, commentary and activism. Hopefully this blog, this little collection of my thoughts, will come to show who I am and what I stand for.

As I’ve said, I want to use this blog to share dreams, thoughts and ideas, to be creative, to voice passions and desires for the world (both my own and also those of people who lack a voice or platform), to challenge the status quo and to question the powers that be.

But as a young, white and educated woman, I have to begin by acknowledging my privilege. I am privileged, in education, in ability, in the world’s standards… But it is my my hope that I can use the voice I have been privileged with to seek justice and truth.

I want to speak truth to power and to learn as I go along. I am by no means perfect. I am always learning. I always want to be learning. That is my most desperate dream; to take everything I learn and watch it blossom into something bigger than myself.

Join me as I unpack culture, our disillusionment with the world: politically, culturally, socially. Join me as I challenge the power structures that govern us and try to unpack what we need to do in order to see our dreams for a better future come to fruition. Let’s dream together. Let’s make the world great again…

Yours in power, Amy.