About Rain

A poem written in July 2018

It’s grey outside
and the rain begins to fall.
I can hear the droplets stream
onto my windowpane,

then the thunder cracks
and the wind howls.

It comforts me

when the sky cries out like this,
when the thunder shouts,
when the wind flails around
almost aimlessly…

I’m reminded of a simple truth:
even nature gets sad sometimes,
gets mad sometimes.

And somehow that reminds me
that even me,
a small and inconsequential part
of the universe,
is still part of the universe

and is allowed to get sad sometimes, get mad sometimes.

Lightening strikes Johannesburg city. Photo accessed online.


When I think about the injustices that exist in our world, and in my country, wow I get mad! That is my first response. Rage.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet it is a lot of people’s first response, yet for some reason not enough time is given to dealing with that rage. Rage about the past, rage about rape, rage about homelessness, joblessness, people going hungry everyday. We are encouraged not to be angry and not to be reckless and rather be practical about making change. And while I’d argue that practicality is absolutely essential, it truly is, I’d argue that so is rage.

You simply cannot solve any injustice, if it does not enrage you. If you are not touched emotionally, you become disillusioned to the very injustice you are fighting to abolish. Sooner or later this disillusionment comes from us all…

I know this has happened to me. But I want to remind you that the rage is important!

We will get to practicality when we speak about voting and elections and representatives who are supposed to have our individual interests at heart, but for now let me say this. BE ANGRY.

For people who live in a privileged bubble, rage for injustices is not always the first emotion, because often injustice does not affect those who are privileged.

But why? Why are you not enraged that so many womxn are subject to gender based violence EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of every single day? Why are you not outraged that while our government talks about changing and eradicating corruption, people are living without homes, divided by race and class? Why are you not enraged about the sanitation problems in the townships? Why are you not outraged that our public education system is failing us: that so many children are not afforded half the education you were privileged enough to receive? Why are you not angry?

Oh, you are? You are angry? Well, so am I. Because this is enough. The injustice in our country breaks my heart into a million pieces and makes me want to scream at the universe with such fury I’d probably explode!

Anger and rage for justice is good. It lights a fire in you to make a change. So be angry. Because things need to change!

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